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SOS: Gang Is On the Loose Pestering Hotels with Burglary NAD Theft

Hotels BEWARE!!!!!!!

Since a few weeks, again a gang of criminals is operating in the area of Barrio Barretto, Manila, and Angeles City.

Their method is simple and fast. The offender checks in at the prospect hotel and pay room rate in advance. He/she keeps on hanging around, after observing which rooms could easily be entered by forcing the (mostly) light doors or windows lock. As soon as the real tenant leaves the room the offender makes hi/her move.

With a simple tool (most probable screwdrivers) he manages to force the entry and grabs whatever he thinks is of interest & value; jewelry, money, cell phones, and most expensive laptops. What is amazing is that the offenders have the interest in computers, bags, and adaptors. After finishing the job, they immediately will leave the vicinity.

The damage is terrible for both the guest/s and the hotel & resort.

Not all policies give a satisfying solution were to claim. It is under the Liability Insurance or Fire Insurance? Who can be considered to be negligent? The Hotel/Resort or the guest?

Most important is that, Hotels will take immediate action by making preventive measures and arrangements. Good camera detection will most probably scare offenders. And with these, we can advise you. We work together with a small but professional surveillance system company that comes up with a simple but effective security system.

Please contact us and we can arrange an appointment with your Hotel. We believe that immediate action is a must for your own protection!