General News

General Requirements


1. Affidavit of Loss declaring:

a) Nature of ownership of the insured property
b) Location of the said properties, and
c) Liens & encumbrances if any

2. Fire/Arson Investigation Reports
3. Sworn Statements of witnesses as taken by the Arson Investigators.
4. Business permit (+application form)
5. Registration of business name
6. Colored photographs
7. Mayors permit
8. Copy of sanitary permit to operate
9. Photocopy of the business clearance
10. Photocopy of community tax certificate
11. Photocopy of certificate of compliance issued by SSS
12. Photocopy of articles of incorporations
13. Photocopy of fire insurance policy/endorsement with proof of payment of premium to broker/insurer.


  1. Engineers or architect’s estimate based on a plan and bid of materials showing the cost of placing the building in approximately to the same state as it was before the fire.
  2. A certified true copy of the building permit
  3. A certified true copy of the declaration of real property
  4. A leased agreement, if not the owner of the land
  5. Copy of the plan of the building
  6. Valid appraisal report and computation


  1. Itemized inventory of stocks on hand and date of loss showing the net cost of each item.
  2. Books of account, audited financial statements and income tax returns (for three fiscal years), purchases sales and other available business records.
  3. Merchandise inventory filed with the BIR at the end of the immediately preceding fiscal year (200?)
  4. Merchandise inventory filed with the BIR (for three fiscal years)
  5. A complete list of affected and not affected machinery and equipment, tools, office equipment, furniture, fixtures, and other business contents, showing dates of acquisitions and cost when acquired.
  6. Purchase invoices, delivery receipts and all other available records pertaining to the above risks.
  7. Quotations from qualified suppliers on the totally burned business contents