Fire Insurances
Motorcar Insurance
Estate Tax (Death Tax)

Fire Insurances

“CAUSA REMOTA - CAUSA PROXIMA” As we have noticed during the years that Ascolin Insurance has been actively working with

Motorcar Insurance

Several times already insurance companies informed us that they encounter problems with motorcar claims. Reason for this is that said

Estate Tax (Death Tax)

Conserving your family’s inheritance; for you to leave a legacy to them is what you do best.

Personal Accident Full With Exclusions

Again AIC discovered that another insurance is incomplete

Comprehensive General Liability (CGL)

What do we really know about Comprehensive General Liability Insurance (CGL)

Correct Handling By Transfer Car Necessary

A few times already insurers and colleague brokers informed us, that they encounter problems with motorcar claims

Passenger Accident

Recently, on the initiative of one of our clients, we were discussing the pros and cons of passenger accident insurance.

Motor/Car Accessories

In recent claims handling, insurance companies showed their strictness towards accessories. Even when you buy a new car, the insurer

Car Insurance Claim Procedure

Consumes Unnecessary Time We heard it already so many times, people are complaining about agents and their insurance companies because

Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH) & Osteoporosis Select & Premier Standard Exclusions

Dear Beloved Clients, We wish to invite your attention to the above exclusion specified under Exclusion, Items 22 & 23

Cancer Patient Died Due to Experience Loading

Let us explain: We are talking about people who are insured here in the Philippines. The two most important underwriters here are Blue Cross & Pacific Int’l (they are sister companies). Both of them created in their policies an absolute, impossible & unacceptable clause, the “EXPERIENCE LOADING.”

Pre-Existing Condition

A disability which existed before the effectively date of coverage of an insured person, the natural history of which can

30 Days Waiting Period

Coverage will commence/take into effect after 30 days from the inception date of the policy

Medical Insurances

A line of insurance that is winning in popularity day by day. Many of our prospects and clients realized that they couldn’t take this chance not to be insured because they know that the risk is too high.

Causa Remota And Causa Proxima

These terms themselves do not sound very familiar. Here in the Philippines, when you listen to local insurers this theory of casualty is however well known all over Europe and as far as we know also in the USA.

How To Speed Up Claims Procedure?

A total loss due to fire. Of course, you don’t want to think about it. But it can happen to your company also. In that case, it will be chaos. How to restart as fast as possible.

Appraiser Is Not A Magician

With our former Novum, we already mentioned the importance of an appraisal report. With the said report, AIC will convert an Open Policy to a valued policy.

Buildings & Machineries

Fire insurances are open policies, in short, the client says for which amount he wants to ensure his property and the insurer has the right, and will surely use that right to prove, in case of claims, that client is underinsured. Or in other words, the insurer will do everything to minimize the claim.

Business Interruption – Fix Expenses

Business Interruption Insurance is also called Loss of Income Policy. In the previous Novum (News) we have explained the importance of this unique insurance policy. More accurate with regards to the total sum of annual fix expenses and net profit.

It Never Happens to You

For many companies, fire prevention comes at the bottom of their list. Entrepreneurs and big corporations prefer to believe that fire always happens to their neighbor and NEVER happens to them. But if your company will be on fire by negligence, perhaps you will pull your hairs, then you will realize that with a relatively small investment you could have avoided a lot of mess. We advise you to pay attention to security advice.

Checklist of Insurances

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General Requirements

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Tin Number (Tin) Mandatory Requirement for The CTPL Policy for LTO Registration

As per Circular letter 6-2010 from the Insurance Commission regarding the guidelines on the issuance of the Certificate of Cover for all motor vehicles, a Memorandum of Agreement was executed among the Insurance Commission, LTO and BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue) to see to it that all issued Certificate of Cover for the TPL policy is dully registered and that all taxes due in relation thereto are paid correctly and promptly through system interconnectivity and information sharing.

SOS: Gang Is On the Loose Pestering Hotels with Burglary NAD Theft

Since a few weeks, again a gang of criminals is operating in the area of Barrio Barretto, Manila, and Angeles City.

Their method is simple and fast. The offender checks in at the prospect hotel and pay room rate in advance. He/she keeps on hanging around, after observing which rooms could easily be entered by forcing the (mostly) light doors or windows lock. As soon as the real tenant leaves the room the offender makes hi/her move.

Updating Your Current Sum Insured

In order to avoid problems due to under-insurance on your property, we would like to propose that you update your current sum insured on an annual basis or once every two years, if appropriate, for your adequate protection. This scenario is further explained by the “average clause” condition under the standard fire policy.