This is probably the most popular insurance at this moment. But also an insurance which needs improvements in all it's facets.

Let's see what it offers.

CTPL (Compulsory Third Party Liability)
This is also named as the LTO policy which covers any financial or legal liability that results in an accidental bodily injury and/or death of a third party. As a result from the negligence of a the authorized driver. This is also called as a no-fault policy, which means, as an example: that if your car hit a pedestrian, than it will be considered as the fault of your authorized driver. Even when there are a dozen arguments that you might use for the fault of that pedestrian.

OD/Th (Own Damage / Theft)
This part of the policy covers the damage to or loss of your own car, as a result of a collision, fire/lightning, explosion, theft and any other malicious act. The coverage can be inclusive of Acts Of Nature. Extra accessories should be included. There is a different rate for PV/s ( private cars, sedan models) and CV ( commercial vehicles, VAN models, SUV/s).

PAR (Passenger Accident Rider)
Under this part of the policy covers your driver and your passengers in the event that anyone of these persons should suffer bodily injuries resulting in loss of life or permanent disablement. It covers the reimbursement of medical expenses of driver and passengers, while on board, as a result of an insured event. Unfortunately the insured amount are minimal. On case to case basis we may offer higher limits.

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