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  • A line of insurance that is winning in popularity day by day. Many of our clients and prospect are realizing that they can not take the chance not to be insured, because they know that the risks are too high. Hospitalization expenses are getting higher and higher! It seems that especially expats are suffering here under. However there is a number of possibilities how to protect yourself against extreme high medical expenses.

    What are the options? Realizing that this summary may not be complete, we still want to mention the most common constructions: A Local providers as far as local providers concern, they can offer:

    • Accident Insurance combined with coverage of medical expenses due to an accident. Almost every non-life Insurer will offer this ,,package,,! However this is a reimbursement type. The insured sum for the medical part is mostly 10% of the main insured sum for Accidental death and disablement. On request higher percentages are possible.

    • Life Insurance in combination with a medical coverage. Almost every life insurer offer this package. It looks good, but it can be not the right choice on the long run. Suppose you do t need the main coverage, life protection, anymore. Will Insurer still cover only the medical part? Will you still be insured after your age of 65? Gives it the full cover of a complete private medical insurance?

    • HMO Coverage - A system which is very old already in the Philippines. There are many different providers here in the market. They are offering a good basic package. Treatment can be done on clinic or hospital base. No cash out if I confinement is in accredited hospital or clinic. A HMO contract is not based on an insured sum but a dread disease limit (a life threatening situation). You may choose a higher DD (dread disease) limit! Be alert on the type of a dread disease. For instance, an accident is also to be considered as a dread disease. An interesting detail, medicines are not covered. Be alert if there is still coverage after 65 years.

    • Private medical insurance - Local and international companies (direct writers) are trying to win interest here in the Philippines for their products. For more than 10 years we have good experience with a local provider who offers a scale of possibilities. From a local pesos plan to a international dollar plan. Insurable persons from 0 till 100 years old. Interesting details to be aware of, are pre-existing conditions, waiting period, the first year, for normal confinement. Most important we have to be aware of the experience rating. We will explain all in details what is very important for you to know, so that in case you really need this medical insurance you will know what to do so that your claim will be handled properly. We will help you to come to a tailor fit insurance for you, your dependents, or your staff.

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