We can offer various covers that protect the interests of shipyard owners, ship owners, operators etc. from losses as well as a marine undertaking as well as accidental. Depending on the type of cover required the following are available.

Hull & Machinery - A policy covering loss of or damage to the ship, it's machinery and equipment. Maybe you will also need to cover for general average salvage, sue and labor and collision liability.

Increased Values - This policy respond only in the event of total loss of the ship.

Shipbuilders protection - This policy covers loss or damage to a ship being built. From the start until the ship is turned over to the shipowner.

Other important coverages are:
- War & Strikes
- Port Risks
- Ship Repairers Liability
- Protection & indemnity Risks
- Loss of Hire Coverage
- Freight, Demurrage & Defence

Cargo - A cargo insurance is designed to cover various hazards related to the movement of goods or cargo. Anything that is loa for transport via Air, Land or Sea can be insured. The policy holder can be the shipper, buyer, seller or consigned.

We can insure your cargo from the time your cargo will leave the warehouse until their delivery until buyers final warehouse. It maybe any kind of cargo like: Bulk shipments, Machinery, Equipment, Raw materials etc.

Which coverage do you need for your cargo in transit? Only interested in the perils which fall under the Institute Cargo Clauses ,,C,,? Like: Fire or explosion, stranding, sinking, capsizing of the cargo vessel? Collision, Discharge of cargo at a port of distress? Or you want to avail for an extension of cover, which falls under the Institute Cargo Clauses ,,B,,, like: Earthquake, Volcanic eruption, Washing overboard, Entry of water. Or you prefer maybe the all risks coverage as mentioned in the Institute Cargo Clauses ,,A,,?

On top of the Institute Cargo Clauses ,,C,, and ,,B,, is insured under the ICC ,,A,, Theft, Pilferage, Non delivery of cargo, then of course you will choose what type of cargo insurance fits to your needs. An insurance per trip? An Open policy? An annual policy with cover note/s per trip.

As you can see, as well as for hull insurances as well as for cargo insurances, there are many option .

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