Fire Insurance

It Never Happens to You

For many companies, fire prevention comes at the bottom of their list. Entrepreneurs and big corporations prefer to believe that fire always happens to their neighbor and NEVER happens to them. But if your company will be on fire by negligence, perhaps you will pull your hairs, then you will realize that with a relatively small investment you could have avoided a lot of mess. We advise you to pay attention to security advice.

Prevention can do a lot of benefits to your company like first aid, reanimation, fire-fighting guidelines & equipment, construction, extinguishers, smoother trashcans, fluorescent stickers, etc. Even simple good key management can already be a big help.

We also advise you to pay attention to burglary prevention on extra locks, and good contractions of the building. Even an extra detector lamp can sometimes do miracles. Place fire extinguishers (hanged and readable) on a permanent place so that all the employees know where they are and always have monitor/check-up every year. Put them away from easy reach of children.

Employers must give importance to the safeness of his employees by getting them to involve in the safety measures. If these safety measures will be carried widely, all employees will have peace of mind while doing their work resulting in a more positive outcome.

We can also advise you to get your right insurances like, fire insurance for building and contents (incl. Lightning, burglary theft and malicious damage, typhoon, and earthquake), business interruption, leasehold improvements, computer all-risk insurance, general liability insurance, etc. which we can take care of, then you will have the time to concentrate without any problem working on your main course and doing business. In case, your company will be safe from the fire cause of losses.