Fire Insurance

How To Speed Up Claims Procedure?

A total loss due to fire. Of course, you don’t want to think about it. But it can happen to your company also. In that case, it will be chaos. How to restart as fast as possible.

You will have a lot of problems on your head all at the same time. where to start? What to do? Any wounded people? Who will pay the hospital bills? How fast to remove the debris?

How about your insurance policies? Do they cover all losses and expenses? Do you have all the policies you need?

  • Fire insurance with the appraisal report
  • Business interruption/extra expenses insurance
  • Rental value insurance
  • Group accident insurance
  • HMO contract/medical expenses insurance
  • Liability insurance (with employers liability)

And if you have, then, be sure that the insured sum is SUFFICIENT!

And then what to submit to the claims adjusters? What are all the requirements needed? We learned a lot recently from a huge event. It was very hard and it took a very long time to produce all the documents. To help our clients to prepared for the consequences of THE BIG LOSS, we developed a checklist with the most important requirements from the claims adjusters.

Most documents are probably available right away. You could make extra copies already and keep it somewhere else.

Hopefully, you will never use it. But if an event as said will happen, you will fasten the claim procedure enormously. Together with optimal coverage and our support, your company will solve all those negative effects of a possible claim.