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As we have noticed during the years that Ascolin Insurance has been actively working with many businesses in the Philippines, these terms do not sound very familiar! During our Nicolas time (the name where under we started our brokerage in 1999) we have explained to our clients how it works.

Since our portfolio increased enormously it is time to ask the attention of all who are opening our new website.

What is it all about? We are talking about the furthest (remota) and the nearest (proxima) cause of the event. It is important to know that in the Philippines, the insurance Law follows the theory of the causa proxima.

We will try to make this more clearer with the two examples below:

Example 1:

A Tsunami stars in the Philippine Sea causing sky rising waves. Theses waves will flood over parts of the Philippines, shores and inland. The strong water breaks an electrical post, the post falls on a house which sets on fire due to the short circuits caused by the electrical post.

The question of course is to know if this is covered under the fire insurances?

The nearest cause of this event is a Tsunami and the farthest cause is the fire.

The conclusion is if you did not insure for Tsunami, then the bad news is that this claim will not be covered under the fire insurance.

Example 2:

A strong typhoon occurs in a certain area of the Philippines. Due to the very strong wind a branch of a tree will fall down on you house and damages the window of your property. The hard rain damages your wall and part of the furniture.

You have insured broad water damage, but not typhoon. How will the policy react on this event?
The conclusion is even when you have insured broad water damage, many insurers will deny your claim based on the Proxima Theory since Typhoon was not in used in the policy, in which you cannot claim the damage to the walls and household contents.


Of course, there are many more examples like these. So, what can you do about this so that is such cases you will not be disappointed?

All clients from Ascolin Insurance know that for many years already we offer very Comprehensive Insurance Packages.

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