Liability Insurance

Comprehensive General Liability (CGL)

What do we really know about Comprehensive General Liability Insurance (CGL)?

In some places, like Manila, every Entrepreneur must have it-when you renew your business license in the city hall. The staff there is and most willing (and happy because of the commission) to arrange the CGL. What nobody realizes is that this is only basic and compulsory coverage.

But to our dismay, not only such occurs but we also discovered that those troubles policy, most of them we analyzed were issued by the insurers through normal intermediaries; has holes like famous SWISS…CHEESE PLANT!

Some examples are as follows:

A restaurant with a CGL which does NOT cover food poisoning.

A beach resort with a swimming pool but without coverage for swimming pool liability.

A 27-story building without elevator liability

A hotel with a swimming pool, which liability is included but under the restriction of 24 hours available lifeguards!

Primary reasons for such mess in the liability insurance are “lack of information, incomplete application forms & lack of knowledge by some intermediaries”. To protect the interest of its clients, AIC developed an application form which gives the opportunity to check the most important list which is not covered in a standard CGL policy, please refer below:

  • Food Poisoning
  • Tenants Liability
  • Innkeepers Liability
  • Parking lot Liability
  • Legal Fire Liability
  • Elevator Liability (Escalators)
  • Premises Medical Expenses
  • Swimming Pool Liability
  • Outside Premises Liability
  • Signboard Liability
  • Garage Keeper’s Liability
  • Employer’s Liability

We hope that with these initiatives AIC will be able to give clients & prospects an optimal chance to protect themselves with a COMPLETE COMPREHENSIVE GENERAL LIABILITY INSURANCE.