Motor/Car Insurance

Car Insurance Claim Procedure

Consumes Unnecessary Time We heard it already so many times, people are complaining about agents and their insurance companies because their claims under their policy take many weeks before it will be settled down. But not always it is really the agents and insurance company to blame. We learned that the insured or policyholder also could help for the faster processing of claims. By paying extra attention to all the requirements needed, the insured can be of great help to the insurance company.


  • Complete Xerox copy of the policy
  • Xerox copy of the premium payment
  • Xerox copy of the driver’s license & or
  • Xerox copy of the official receipt
  • Xerox copy of the certificate of registration
  • Affidavit of accident from driver and or report from the nearest police station
  • Stencil of the motor/chassis
  • Photo of the damage unit-showing plate number
  • Repair estimate (2 proposals) (1 from accredited repair shop)
  • Medical bills
  • Medical certificate


  • Never have your unit repaired (in case of own damage) without the approval of the company’s claim division
  • In case insured is disabled, you are required to make arrangements for the safekeeping of the insured unit, as stated in your policy
  • We advise you to keep the Xerox copies from the first five requirements in your car, be readily available, including this newsletter