Ascolin Insurance Consultants (AIC) is a continuation of Nicolas Insurance Brokers Ltd. Co. (NIB).

We are in operation since 1999 and have offered our clients with all line of insurances tailor fit packages. For the last three years we have parked our portfolio with a bigger broker. But as of March 2014 we are fully independent and back in business.

Ascolin will offer clients and prospects a professional and personal assistance with their insurance needs.

It is our intention to offer our clients the most modern and upgraded Insurance packages! We are constantly focusing on risk management and Innovation. We polish existing extension of cover to give our Clients optimal protection.

Our service starts were others stop, as well as with new insurances, as well as with claims handling, there is where you need our assistance.

Ascolin Insurance Consultants; a business of trust and security.

Our present team have the following members:

Mrs. Mercy van Anholt - Nicolas
President / CEO

Mrs. Shella Antolin - Martes
Gen. Manager / Vice President

Ms. Rona Ladrillo
New production Officer

Ms. Marie Martes

Ms. Myreen Fernando

Mr. Marbhien Dagal

Mr. Rien van Anholt
COO / Marketing Manager

The staff of Ascolin is specialized in industrial and smaller Corporate Insurance Packages, as well as private insurances.

Our well known service package contains:
- Company and policy analyze
- Annual or semi Annual Insurance Consultancies
- Offering conference memo/s
- Presenting insurance surveys
- Checklists control
- NOVUM (periodical news letter)

Without any obligation we will explain to you what Ascolin can do for you or to your company.

We are sure that we can offer you competitive rates and special insurance conditions. You may count on it that Ascolin Insurance Consultants takes good care of your investment and insurance interests.

Just contact us and inform us about your concerns.


Ascolin Insurance’s approach is partnership oriented. We become partners with our clients. We will analyze your needs and produce a risk analysis for your company or your personal protection. Through our partnership, you will have total insight into your protection plan. The analysis will be a comprehensive review of what is insurable and which policies will provide you with optimal coverage. Because of our comprehensive network of virtually major insurance providers, we are able to offer the best packages at most competitive rates.

Part of our partnership are periodic meetings with our clients and their key personnel. During our meetings, we examine your existing policies to ensure that your needs have not changed, that your policies are up-to-date and still meet your desired level of protection and review any changes in in laws or regulations that might impact your coverage. We will also look at changes in your company or personal situation that could impact your coverage. Shortly after our review, you will receive a comprehensive written report detailing our discussions and any recommended actions.

“After you agree on our proposals and have made the decision to work together with us,
the next step will start: monitoring regularly your insurance portfolio.”